Test & Measurement Tools

We have partnered with Passmark Software, Australia to promote their USB Development tools. The popular products are USB3.0 Loop Back plugs and USB Power Delivery Testers

USB 3.0 Loopback Plugs:

  • Quickest way to verify that your USB 3.0 ports are working correctly

  • Diagnose, troubleshoot and load test the USB functionality of your PC

  • For use with (and without) compatible PassMark testing software (see below).

USB Power Delivery Tester:

  • Test the power delivery capability of USB ports, Thunderbolt ports, USB chargers, and USB power banks.

  • Check if a USB host is capable of delivering its maximum specified wattage without failing.

  • Detect the wattage a USB charger (wall-wart) claims to support, which in turn controls the charging speed of mobile phones and other USB connected battery devices.
  • Check that voltage levels remain within specification under high load.
  • Measure the exact power usage of USB devices.