Test & Measurement Tools

We have partnered with MQP Electronics, UK to promote their USB Development tools. MQP Electronics manufactures an unrivalled range of USB development equipment, including USB Analysers and USB Generators. Selected units also feature Vbus monitoring.


Packet-Master USB500 AG+:

"High Speed, Full Speed and Low Speed USB Bus Analyser / USB Generator / VBUS Monitor plus Optional Protocol Tester Mode"

The Packet-Master USB500 AG can be configured either as a Hardware USB Bus Analyser, or a USB Generator. As an analyser it is intended for development of Low, Full and High Speed USB devices or hosts. It includes On-The-Go analysis, a 64 Mbyte FIFO, and advanced hardware triggering.

Configured as a USB Generator, it will emulate a host or a device, allowing you to exercise a unit under development in any way you wish. In either configuration it performs continuous VBUS voltage and current measurement.

A new Protocol Tester mode option is now available by registration. This mode, similar to the functionality of the USB-PET, allows the running of scripts which test the response of a Device Under Test to various protocols, such as the Chapter 9 command set.