MSB-RS232 Analyzer:

The MSB-RS232 Analyzer is an essential tool for analysis and optimizing of RS232 connections. As an autonomous device it gathers exact information about every line change with micro second precision, independent from the PC and its operating system.

Equipped with a multitude of visualization tools it allows a detailed view into every RS232 communication and detects conditions which can be recorded by a true 'hardware solution' only.

Features & Benefits:

Simultaneous sampling of all lines by external hardware : Exact measurement of all EIA-232 signals with a precision of 1sec and a maximum sampling rate of 16 MHz, independent form the PC operating system. No wrong time stamps or event sequences due to delayed or not answered system interrupts(software solutions).

Any baudrate with FLEXUART: High-precise set and measurement of standard and non-standard baudrates in the range from 1 Baud up to 1 MBaud with a resolution of 0.1% of value. Recording, analysis and own data injection with any, even unusual baudrate. Detection of asynchronous or drifting baudrates between sender and receiver.

Automatic protocol detection : Simple check and analysis of any communication with unknown connection parameters.

Supports 9 Bit Data words : Recording and analysing also of protocols with9 Bit data word length.

Scope-like display of the data lines : Simultaneous display of the logical signalsas well as the transferred data. That makes the error analysis and search easy for transmission errors, i.e. improper bit rates (jitter) or wrong data formats. Measuring of the real signals with the integrated bit ruler.

Protocol template : Define own rules how your data shall be displayed or visualize any application specific protocols.

Data analysis in real time : Examination of the connection already while recording the data.

Detection of invalid line levels : Recognition of open lines, stand-by conditions of the data drivers or short circuits.

Framing, Parity, Break Detection : Direct analysis of error conditions and the reactions of end devices thereon.