Nuvoton Technology was founded to bring customers new solutions inspired by innovation. The company was spun-off as a Winbond affiliate in 2008 while Winbond continues to focus on its large Memory business.

From those beginnings we are relatively new up-and-coming digital/analog/mixed signal semiconductor company. Public since just September 27, 2010 on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) , we are bringing new solutions to our customers that change the world around us.

The Nuvoton portfolio includes products previously under Winbond and those that have grown organically including:

Microcontrollers: ARM Cortex M0 plus ARM 7/ ARM 9 with others in development plus 8051 families. We are a leader in microcontrollers with our new fast growing portfolio of ARM Cortex microcontrollers plus a family of 8051 products. These families currently include a wide range of ARM controllers including Cortex M0, ARM 7/ ARM 9 with more to come.

Mixed Signal: Speech Playback and Record Products with embedded Flash. Audio Products including Power Amplifiers, Audio ADC's/DAC's and CODECS.

About Debugging Tools:

Nuvoton's Nu-Link Debug Adapter is an USB debugger and programmer based on the SWD (Serial Wire Debug) signal interface and can be applied to the development of Nuvoton NuMicro Family chips. There are three types of the Nu-Link Debug Adapter in accordance with different specifications, including Nu-Link-Pro, Nu-Link, and Nu-Link-Me. The three types are called "Nu-Link Adapter" in general if no specific conditions are mentioned.

The Nu-Link Adapter supports ICP (In-Circuit Programming) based on the SWD (Serial Wire Debug) signal interface. The user can employ the NuMicro ICP Programming Tool to update chip firmware for mass production. The Nu-Link Adapter also supports the third-party development tools, such as Keil RVMDK, IAR EWARM, and CooCox CoIDE.


Cortex M0_Family_Diagram:




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