Founded in 2011, MindMotion is one of the top 32bit MCU product and solution providers in China. MM32 MCUs are based on Arm Cortex-M core. Over 200 product types are released till now with accumulated shipment over 200M units, which is leading in the general MCU suppliers in China. MM32 MCUs are broadly adopted in Smart Industrial, Automotive, Telecom Infrastructure, Medical & Healthcare, Smart Home Appliance, IOT, Personal Device, PC and Mobile Accessories. MindMotion has innovative IP and chip design capability.

The products are supported by the global development tool suppliers, such as Arm-KEIL, IAR and SEGGER.

MM32 products

The new MM32 series is a new generation of general-purpose MCU platform launched by Smart Microelectronics in 2020, aiming to provide customers with microcontrollers with higher performance, lower power consumption and higher reliability. The new MM32 hardware is fully compatible with the classic MM32, retaining the 2.0V-5.5V wide-voltage power supply design.

The products are divided into following categories:

Development tools:

Mindmotion has various development boards and Debugging tools to support product development using MM32 MCUs.