Wi-Fi Modules:


Headquartered in Zhangjiang Hitech Park, Espressif Systems (Shanghai) Pte. Ltd. is a fabless semiconductor company providing cutting-edge low power Wi-Fi SoCs and wireless solutions for communications and IoT applications..

For easy prototyping and interfacing choose Espressif's development boards! The all-in-one DevKits below are all you need to develop your own IoT applications.



Built as a basic Evaluation board for various ESP32 based modules, ESP32-DEV-KITC is very popular among ESP32 based designers.Most of the I/O pins on the module are broken out to the pin headers on both sides for easy interfacing. Developers can either connect peripherals with jumper wires or mount the board on a breadboard.

Rapid Prototyping:

Get right into application design and development without worrying about RF performance and antenna design. The ESP32-DevKitC has your basic system requirements already covered. Just plug in the USB cable and you are good to go!

Flexible and Feature-Rich:

The ESP32-DevKitC contains the entire basic support circuitry for the ESP modules, including the USB-UART bridge, reset- and boot-mode buttons, LDO regulator and a micro-USB connector. Every important GPIO is available to the developer.


The ESP32-DevKitC pinout is optimized for prototyping on a breadboard. The on-board LDO output is led out for powering additional off-board electronics. Peripheral outputs are grouped together for hassle-free prototyping.



The new ESP-WROVER-KIT supports the most distinguishing features of the ESP32. Whether you need external pSRAM for IoT applications, or an LCD+camera interface, we have you covered!

Built-in USB-JTAG Debugger:

Bogged down by bugs? We came up with a solution! The ESP32 supports JTAG debugging, while the ESP-WROVER-KIT integrates a USB debugger, as well. This makes debugging and tracing complex applications very easy, without the need for any additional hardware.

Advanced Hardware:

ESP32 is engineered to be fast, smart and versatile. The ESP-WROVER-KIT complements these characteristics by offering on-board high speed Micro SD card interface, VGA camera interface, as well as 3.2�h SPI LCD panel and I/O expansion capabilities.

Wide Compatibility:

Have you been developing your applications around the ESP-WROOM-32 module? Not only does the ESP-WROVER-KIT support the popular ESP-WROOM-32 module, but it also supports the new ESP32-WROVER module, which is coming soon!