Protection and security

The ISO USB Cables from IFtools effect a potential decoupling of all USB connections. It is the professional tool to avoid and fight ground loops and equalizing currents and to protect against overvoltage. For OEM applications the isolator cable can be delivered with modified connectors.

Isolation strength

6000 VDC for 1 sec, 4000 VDC 1 minute, maximum working range 250 Vrms.

Transient protection

Integrated protection diodes with approval ±8kV acc. to IEC 61000-4-2.

Certified quality

High isolating voltage and certification according to EN60601-1:2007, 3rd Edition recommend the isolator also in sensitive applications.

Easy to use

Simply exchange the standard USB cable for the isolator cable - ready! Because of the integrated energy transfer no further connections are needed.

Connection control

Two integrated LEDs display the state of the USB connection and warn against overload by the connected device.

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