Saleae Logic: Logic Analysers

"Debug hardware like the pros with the logic analyzer you'll love"

Saleae's Logic is a logic analyzer used to record, view, and measure digital signals. In addition, Logic currently has 17 different protocol analyzers including serial, I2C, SPI, CAN and many more. Logic can sample each of its 8 channels at up to 24MHz and can record up to 10 billion samples.

Logic16, the high end model can sample 2 channels at 100MHz, 4 channels at 50MHz, 8 channels at 25MHz or all 16 channels at 12.5MHz and can record up to 10 billion samples.

Logic accepts voltages from -.5V to 5.25V, and has standard CMOS thresholds of .8V for logic low, 2.0V for logic high. Input impedance is approximately 1M ohms paralleled by 10pF.

Sample screen shot: